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How To Make Gale Fix The Pedestals In Prodigy

How To Make Gale Fix The Pedestals In Prodigy

To make Gale fix the pedestals in Prodigy, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Prodigy account.
2. Select the character «Gale» from your avatar list.
3. Navigate to the «Quests» tab on the main menu.
4. Choose a quest that involves fixing pedestals.
5. Read the quest instructions carefully to understand the specific requirements.
6. Locate the pedestals that need fixing in the game world.
7. Interact with each pedestal to initiate the fixing process.
8. Follow the on-screen prompts or mini-game instructions to complete the fixing task.
9. Repeat the process for all pedestals that require fixing.
10. Finish the quest by successfully fixing all pedestals.
11. Claim any rewards or experience points earned from completing the quest.

Remember to check if you have the necessary items or skills to fix the pedestals before starting the quest. Good luck!


Is Gale the prodigy puppet master?

No, Gale is not the prodigy puppet master. The prodigy puppet master is a character from the popular TV show «How to Fix» who possesses extraordinary skills in manipulating puppets and using them to solve various problems. While Gale is a talented character in her own right, she does not possess the same level of expertise or mastery over puppetry as the prodigy puppet master.

How can one place all the gems in Prodigy?

To place all the gems in Prodigy, follow these steps:

1. Explore the game world: Gems can be found in various locations throughout Prodigy. Make sure to thoroughly explore different areas, such as forests, caves, and dungeons.

2. Defeat enemies: Many enemies in Prodigy drop gems when they are defeated. Engage in battles with monsters, creatures, or other players to collect these gems.

3. Complete quests and missions: Some quests and missions in Prodigy offer gems as rewards upon completion. Pay attention to the objectives and requirements of these quests to earn more gems.

4. Participate in events: Prodigy often holds special events where gems can be obtained by participating and completing event-related tasks or challenges. Keep an eye out for these events and actively participate in them.

5. Trade with other players: If you have duplicate or excess gems, you can trade them with other players who may be looking for specific gems. Utilize trading platforms or interact directly with other players to exchange gems.

6. Purchase gems: As a last resort, if you’re unable to acquire enough gems through gameplay, Prodigy offers an option to purchase gems using real money. This is optional and entirely up to you.

Remember to use the gathered gems strategically to level up your characters, unlock new items, or enhance gameplay features. Enjoy your journey through Prodigy!

How many keystones can be placed in Prodigy?

In the game Prodigy, players can place a total of four keystones. These keystones are magical artifacts that are used to unlock certain areas or access special abilities within the game. Each keystone is unique and serves a specific purpose, so it’s important for players to strategically choose where to place them.

Is it possible to obtain Billyfoot in Prodigy?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain Billyfoot in Prodigy. This character is not currently available in the game. However, you can explore and capture other unique creatures in Prodigy to enhance your gameplay experience.

Questions you’ve probably asked yourself

How to fix Gale not fixing the pedestals in Prodigy?

The issue of Gale not fixing the pedestals in Prodigy can be resolved by following these steps:
1. Quit the game and restart it to see if the glitch is resolved.
2. Check for any updates or patches for the game and make sure you have the latest version installed.
3. Clear the cache of your gaming device as this may help clear any temporary files causing the issue.
4. If the problem still persists, try uninstalling and reinstalling the game.
5. Contact the game’s support team for further assistance if none of the above solutions work.

Remember to always check the game’s official forums or community for any known issues or solutions provided by other players.

Why won’t Gale fix the pedestals in Prodigy and how to solve it?

Gale won’t fix the pedestals in Prodigy because it is a bug or glitch in the game. To solve this issue, you can try restarting the game, clearing the cache, or updating to the latest version of the game. If none of these solutions work, you can contact the game’s support team for further assistance.

What should I do if Gale is unable to fix the pedestals in Prodigy?

If Gale is unable to fix the pedestals in Prodigy, you can try troubleshooting the issue yourself. First, make sure the pedestals are properly connected and powered on. Then, check if there are any loose cables or connections that need to be secured. If the issue persists, you may need to consult the game’s community forums or contact the game’s customer support for further assistance.

In conclusion, mastering the skill of making Gale fix the pedestals in Prodigy is crucial for advancing in the game. By following the steps outlined in this article, players can confidently navigate through this challenging task. Remember to communicate clearly with Gale, activate the correct pedestal, and utilize the power of teamwork to overcome any obstacles that may arise. With practice and determination, fixing the pedestals will become second nature, allowing players to progress further in their Prodigy journey.

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